dilluns, 5 d’agost de 2013

Carrie Anne - The Hollies

Another blast from the past ...

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  1. Graham Nash was not on stage then? This must have been filmed in 1968 I'd guess after Nash had left for his new musical life in America. On the original recording of "Carrie Anne", Nash's voice figures significantly. I wonder if The Hollies would have become truly legendary if Nash had stuck with them. When I was ten/eleven years old I much preferred them to The Beatles.

  2. I knew Nash had been with them but no idea when he left - the problem with being so young, but luckily those of you who were around in the '60s are here to help us youngsters.
    Having said that though, in the great 60s vs 80s music debate, I think the 60s win hands down. And having said THAT though, it's always amazing how some time later we decide to clunk a whole decade's music under one banner and buy Best of the 80s compilations when at the time who'd have thought that Def Leppard, Paul Young, Adam and the Ants etc had anything in common - 20 years later it's all "80s' stuff" and fits together nicely!