dimarts, 8 d’abril de 2014

Non too subtle metaphor of the day

Tenim un conill a casa. Hem apres que si li dones una gavia ampla i comoda, i li poses menjar i aigua fresca, ja pots deixar la porta oberta - el conill mira lo que hi ha per fora i torna a entrar sense cap problema.
Crec que si li tanquessem en una gavia mal-feta sense donar-li res a canvi, només insults i cops de pal, l'historia seria diferent i el conill aquest només estaria somniant el dia que pugues trencar la gavia per a escapar.
We have a pet rabbit now. We have learnt that as long as you have a large comfortable clean hutch, with plenty of food and water, you can leave the door open - the rabbit will have a little sniff outside but is happy to live in its hutch.
If, on the other hand, we stuffed it in a hutch unsuitable for its requirements and instead of fulfilling its needs, we just offered it insults or beat it with a stick, we'd be in a completely different relationship and there'd be no way of keeping that rabbit for long.

4 comentaris:

  1. You can't beat a nice slow-cooked rabbit stew - with the meat falling off the bone. You can also make a comfy jock strap from a single pelt. Senora Cutts could use the tail to apply her face powder. Waste nothing - that's my motto.

  2. When I went "down south" (Birmingham) to university, one day in the first year I bought a rabbit and set about making rabbit stew ... my flatmates (all southerners with a range of accents I'd previously only heard on the BBC) almost fainted and I'm sure they'd have thrown me out if it wasn't for my hard-as-nails mining background ;)

    As I tried to point out to them, there's nowt wrong with having rabbits as pets AND eating them. But still. Ours is a pet, but our kids love barbecued rabbit when their hunter uncle brings a few home with him.

  3. Brian - Thanks so much for donating to my daughter's Just Giving target. You know I am tempted to take on the same challenge on my own - I couldn't bear doing it with a bunch of other people all nattering away and moaning. Perhaps I should attempt the Two Peaks Challenge first focussing on Miss Charlotte Mercan, Miss Yorkshire 2013.See http://www.missyorkshire.com/

  4. You're welcome (I take it she doesn't know so many €uro-carrying Brians, then?), I like to help out a good cause when I can.
    I'm assuming Miss Charlotte is from Barnsley of course! And I'll avoid puns like "I do m/Miss Yorkshire"