dimecres, 8 de juny de 2011

China Girl

Fa uns dies vam preguntar sobre aquests bitxos. Ja tenim el guanyador, un tal Mr. B. Laden, acutalment residint amb una illa petita juntament amb Elvis Presley i Marilyn Monroe on es dediquen a falsificar videos sobre "viatges" de la NASA. En pocs dies, rebrà el seu premi. I que són - pos, si esteu llegint això, no cal explicar-ho, veritat?


Well, a few days back we asked if anybody outside of Catalunya knew what these creatures were. Todays photos show them at a later phase, having spent a few weeks gouging on our mulberry tree leaves, they eventually weave themselves a nice cocoon - made with silk! Hence the name, silkworms. It is a very common hobby here in Catalonia where kids then keep the eggs till next year to start again and everyone has a mulberry tree in their garden.

Anyway the winner of the competition who was the first person to get their postcard to me is a certain Mr. B. Laden, with a rather vague residential address on a remote island in the Pacific. According to Wikipedia, who knows everything, he lives there with Elvis Presley making videos for the NASA.

Anyway, silk comes from China as every schoolkid should know - and so do China Girls ....

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  1. How fascinating! I suppose it's too tricky to unwind them and get the silk off... (I seem to recall you have to boil them and therefore kill the cocoon's inhabitant...)

  2. Yuck, boiling them :(
    No, no one bothers with the silk, just keep the cocoons until they hatch again, and in this the years pass by with these little things representative of each season :)