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Take a chance - Abba #Catalonia_25N

Un apunt breu sobre que està passant a Catalunya. No m'extendré en català ja que ho sabeu tot!! Només aniré a la conclusió meva personal - que hem de decidir si volem "jugar" una aposta o no. Si apostem per un Si al "dret de decidir", i tot seguit (però rapid), la consulta i declaració d'independencia, tenim molt a guanyar. Ningu ens podrà aturar. Si ens tirem enrere, col·lectivament, perdem aquesta oportunitat unica per uns altres 40 anys. No hi haurà més opcions, ja que Espanya ens passarà per damunt. És tot o no res, en la questió de la nació catalana.
Que si, que altres temes són importants, pero es que aquests temes sempre son importants i fa 2 anys, i 1 any, ja vam triar un model de dretes. D'aqui 1 o 2 anys, independents, podrem tornar a triar model de societat - pero el tren de l'independencia només ens passarà un cop en la vida. 
Que fem? En que confiem? Si ens enganyem, tornem a on estem (sempre enganyats), però, i si ens surten guanyadors les nostres apostes ......
Regular visitors to the blog, if there's any left, will be wondering why I'm not preaching about Catalonia now that it's hot news. The thing is I am now officially the "last person with a job" in the Spanish State and it's becoming hard to find free time. Rajoy just phoned me to ask if I'd turn the lights off when Catalunya leaves ....
But here's a quick summary regurgitating previous posts - Catalunya "appeared" as a united body about 1000 years ago as different noble men and warriors did what they used to do. It formed an alliance with Aragon and was known as the Catalunya-Aragon kingdom for yonks. About 500 years ago, through different alliances and marriages this kingdom eventually formed a coalition with Castille, although each part kept their own rules, way of life, and political systems. About 300 years ago, there was a war with the Castille siding with the French and Bourbon kings and way of thinking, and the Catalans siding with the more liberal, open, dare-I-say democratic Austrian Empire. Catalonia lost and was brought under Spain's thumb for the next 300 years. Different attempts to re-gain their lost freedoms and autonomy have been crushed time and time again, with Franco in the 20th century even trying to do away with their culture and language. Franco died, the Spanish "democracy" gave Catalunya some limited autonomy, but also divided Spain into 17 other identical regions so as to water down the Catalan's, and please the armed forces and Franco fans. 30 years later, this autonomy has not satisfied Catalans, but Spanish govt believes it's too much. (this Brian-version of the history may all be true, or not, - that's why they invented Wikipedia, folks, so you can do your own checking up!)

A ground swell of feeling that the only way left (after 30 years of failed negotiations) is for out and out independence, has been growing and growing, till finally 1.5 million people marched in Barcelona in September for this objective. The usual softy President of Catalonia had his eyes finally opened, or his butt kicked, and at last admitted that Independence was a necessary goal. Abouut 70% of the Parliament voted on the need to hold a referendum in the next 4 years, and the President called snap elections to see if the public would match their actions with votes.
Sunday is election day.

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  1. totalment d'acord amb tu. si mes no, de que dius en català.

  2. he he, gràcies! En aixo de fer posts bilingues, puc jugar a 2 bandes ... pero no ho faig! La versio anglesa és més llarga perque intento, i torno a intentar, explicar el cas des de l'historia dels ultims mil anys ...
    En fi, aposta feta, pero tal com diu Junqueras avui, és una aposta que hem de complir urgentment perque ja es veu que els espanyols (govern) ens volen passar per la trituradora. No perdem més temps!