diumenge, 3 d’agost de 2014

Looking back, and onwards...

Interrumpim aquesta serie d'apunts interessants per posar una mica de publicitat - encara que més que publicitat, són més ganes de compartir en vatros la nostra satisfacció a la feina ben feta que hem aconseguit fer aquests anys gràcies a la confiança de la gent que ha volgut treballar en nosaltres.
En fi, potser heu vist a la columna de la dreta que tenim un altre blog on intentem posar apunts sobre temes de llengua o alguna feina que hem fet? Bé, ara hem fet una pausa de l'estiu per mirar cap enrere i resumir aquests ultims 3 o 4 anys. Si us interessa, clikeja aqui. Si no, pos, igualment vaig a posar un exemple a continuació - vam tenir l'oportunitat de posar l'anglès a aquesta joia d'espot promocional de Tortosa.
Interrupting this run of interesting blog posts with a cheap plug for our work! Seriously, more than publicity for our humble little company, I just fancied sharing with you our satisfaction with the variety of work we've managed to do over the last few years thanks to the amazing clients who've taken on our services.
Some of you may have noticed that over here on the left I link another blog - the one I run with my partner (and wife), speaking (far too rarely) about language issues or highlighting some of our work. Well, the latest post is a sort-of summary of all we've done over recent years. If you're interested, click here. If not, you're still getting one example below - we wrote the English subtitles for this brilliant promo video of Tortosa (where we live).

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  1. Well if I ever get to travel overseas again~ I will definitely try to come and visit Tortosa. Look forward to reading the other links. Thank you for sharing Brian.

  2. Hi, sorry about the delay in answering but we've been away, as you probably know!, on holiday until now. Feel free to call in on us (or stay with us!) if you do ever come. It's a beautiful place though not usually very exciting - the excitement comes at Renaissance time! - but in a great location.