diumenge, 28 de setembre de 2014

History in the making

So, at 10.35am on Saturday 27th September 2014, in a solemn act within the walls of the historic Catalan governmental palace in Barcelona, the 129th Catalan  President - Artur Mas - signed the decree calling the Catalan "independence referendum" for 9th November. And here he is:

Artur Mas speech in English por vilawebtv

3 comentaris:

  1. Noble delivery by Artur Mas. From afar I believe you are heading for a massive "Yes" vote. How will the rest of Spain cope without Catalonia?

    1. Oh, oh The Spanish State have stepped in now. Looks like the referendum is going to be deemed "unconstitutional". What is the Catalan word for "Bastards!"?

    2. Mr Mas is a really eloquent and intelligent speaker. I have never voted for him, as his party is "centre-right", but I must admit he is just the Statesman we need now. Pity Spain hasn't got an equivalen Statesperson in their corner; this would have been sorted out ages ago.
      Funnily enough, it's "bastards" too but with the second syllable emphasised. I'll blogpost an update now....