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It's in the trees!! Kate Bush (2)

... llavors vendrien grans singles com The Man With The Child In His Eyes (escrita quan Kate tenia 13 anys!), o Babooshka, i poc a poc, vaig perdre-li la pista. Fins al 1985, quan jo tenia 18 anys, i va treure el LP Hounds of Love amb una serie de singles (videos a baix) que tornaven a deixar-me sense paraules! Corrents cap a la biblioteca, vaig agafar el LP i ho vaig gravar en seguida i durant 1 o 2 anys va ser un dels meus favorits. Una obra maestra - i tornava a demostrar la excentricitat i geni de la Kate; la primera cara (recordeu quan els discs tenien 2 cares?), els hits, i la segona cara una mena de concept-album.
Llavors, entre universitat i la meva emigració cap a Catalunya, i la poca regularitat dels LPs de Kate, i pocs radio-friendly singles, li vaig tornar a perdre la pista fins ara. Pero aquest any ha programat una serie de concerts per primer cop en 34 anys i torna a estar en boca de tothom la seva imaginació artistica, i aixi ara he decidit no tornar a perdre-la i comprarem els CDs i farem un gran esforç per entendre la seva arte. Ara, per fi, entenc les lletres dels hits del Hounds of Love, i encara m'agraden més! 
.... so, after Wuthering Heights and another couple of great singles I remember - Babooshka and The Man With The Child In His Eyes (written when she was 13!) - I lost track of her until 1985 when the amazing LP Hounds of Love came out. A string of amazing (see below) hits on Side A, and some kind of concept album I still haven't understood, on side B (remember sides As and Bs?!). To tell the truth I've only just really understood the singles themselves - which you are about to enjoy. Maybe that's what I love about her; the mystery. Oh, and her English-ness, and her voice, and the songs' arrangements and originality, and her bravery, and career moves, excentricity, imagination, beauty, committment, talent, lack of fear....
So, I swiftly borrowed the album from Barnsley library, taped it and played it to death. Then I emigrated, and with other things on my mind plus Kate's lack of radio-friendly singles over the last 20 or 30 years, I lost track again - till now. Now, with the long awaited, but totally unexpected, come-back concerts she's back into all our minds once more, and this time I ain't letting go. Between my hard-earned savings and Father Christmas  I intend to complete my collection of her music, and make an extra extra effort to understand it!

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