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Ups and downs of Sheffield life - Live for the moment #TheSherlocks

No sóc d'aquells anglesos que marxen del país però al lloc on aterran volen veure la televisió anglesa, comprar productes anglesos, tenir més interes en les eleccions angleosos que els d'aqui etc. Si estic en un lloc (com a Catalunya), prefereixo pensar en la vida aquí. Per això, durant anys i panys he evitat, o simplement no-buscat, estar gaire informat del que passa al Regne Unit, però ultimament gràcies a les xarxes socials, m'hi he posat una mica més al dia. Principalment sobre noticies locals dels llocs on vaig cada estiu per visitar familia etc. No m'importa gaire si les anglesos volen a Cameron o Miliband, però si que m'importen noticies com aquesta que he trobat gràcies a Twitter....

... a la ciutat de Sheffield, s'ha fet en els ultims anys, i decàdes, molts canvis sobretot en la part comercial. Com a gairebé tot arreu, el centre de la ciutat perd el seu interes mentre la gent prefereix anar a comprar als nous centres comercials a les afores on pots menjar McDonalds, comprar als Marks & Spencer's o anar al cine (com a tots els centres comercials del món, vaja). No obstant aixo, hi ha rincons de Sheffield on petites botigues independents i originals s'han aguantat i encara funcionen. Són unes petits joies per a la gent que les usa, on pots comprar i xerrar una estona, i encara gaudir de ser una mena de "common person" com diria Jarvis Cocker. Concretament hi ha una que ens encanta, una botiga super-petita, un laberint eclectic ple de petites sales amb llibres, revistes, i discos de música que no trobaries a cap lloc més de la ciutat. Es diu Rare & Racy. Pos, resulta que l'ajuntament de Sheffield ha donat el OK als propietaris dels edificis on es troba aquesta botiga i algunes més del mateix estil, per a tumbar-les :( Aqui teniu un bon article al The Guardian, i es pot seguir la campanya per a salvar-les al Twitter de @SaveDevStreet

Bé, no tot son noticies dolentes. Gràcies als misteris de Twitter, no sé com, vaig trobar aquest nou grup de Sheffield dels que estic segur que en sentirem parlar...
I'm not the typical English person who goes to live abroad and spends his days watching the BBC, reading the Daily Mail, buying English products or showing more interest in the UK general elections than the local news of his place of residence. If I'm here, I'm here and this is my life. I wouldn't say I've made an attempt to avoid English news and contacts over the years, but I have definitely not sought them out... however, thanks to the ease of social networks, over the last few years I have begun to show an interest in local affairs of my birthplace, especially as there are places we go back to every year. I do find it useful to know what's going on in Whitby, to encourage Barnsley record shops to stay open, or to follow Sheffield artists etc.... 
so I was shocked to read this news the other day. Sheffield city centre, like most English cities, is struggling to stay alive when everybody prefers to go to out-of-town commercial centres where you have all the big name shops and entertainment you can find in any other centre. The only way the city centres can stay alive is by offering something different, original independent one-off shops and cafes for the few of us who don't want to spend every day in McDonalds or HMV. The area of Sheffield around Devonshire Street is one such place- an oasis of eclectic offerings to make anyone's day. However, a couple of weeks ago I heard that Rare & Racy, the most amazing record (and more) shop, was going to be knocked down with the OK of the Sheffield City Hall - as well as some other cool shops. The full news story is here in The Guardian.

I just hope they see sense and reverse this decision. If not, I expect to see Sir Yorkshire Pudding throwing his full weight behind the campaign to save these shops - a campaign you can follow, for example, on Twitter at @SaveDevStreet
To finish on a brighter note, also thanks to Twitter I have discovered this new group who are surely going to be BIG one day soon...

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  1. Hey Brian, I picked that they were brothers. Great to see young lads making music, having fun and doing well. I like their sound. And yes, I look forward to reading where YP joins Twitter ~ perhaps writing 140 character poems. Oh no ~ that wasn't what you were saying was it?

    1. Yep, they've put a couple of singles out and sound pretty good. I hope their dreams come true. Thanks to social network campaigning their last single went pretty high in the (legal) downloads chart.
      Hmm, YP on Twitter, that'd shake things up a bit! Are you a big twitter fan? I am, and that's one of the reasons my blogging has slowed so much!

    2. Yes I am on Twitter Brian ~ once you follow a couple of bands, their algorithm starts suggesting others to follow. I have done the same ~ but never invested a lot of time going down the rabbit hole. But like you have found there is heaps of music happening out there. I find on Twitter I have bursts of things I follow ~ education, tourism, technology, what's happening on the news

  2. Well Byron, I had never heard this story until you mentioned it. The thing about cities is that they are forever changing but I agree with you that independent businesses help to forge the character of any city. Throwing my full weight behind an issue like this will not be very effective as I have the build of a featherweight boxer!

    1. Thanks. Yep, I agree that change is inevitable but I feel the council should "help" in what way it can to conserve the unique aspects of the city, and this area is one such place. If Sheffield loses these kinds of shops, we may as well go to the Hell known as MeadowHell, at least there it doesn't rain, apparently.
      PS, you see the benefits of twitter now? From a thousand miles away I knew the story before you!