diumenge, 31 de maig de 2015

Busy bee #WorkingForALiving

De vegades em pregunto perquè no tinc temps per a mirar la tele o esciure un post al blog. I després recordo que gestiono o ajudo a gestionar:
Sometimes wonder why I no longer have time to watch the telly or write a post on my blog. Then I remember I run, or help to run:

5 Email accounts
4 Facebook accounts/Pages
5 Twitter accounts
3 Youtube accounts
4 Blogs

Thank God for technology, eh!

2 comentaris:

  1. Telly is so last century Brian, and so passive. As you point out, social media requires more of you. I know you have your revolution cause, but what else are you up to, to be so busy? Always happy to see a blogpost come through from you because I know it will have music.

    1. I suppose if I was more efficient, or used the networks in a more logical way, I could make more free time but you know how it is... "I'll just have a look at this before I do this..." and so time flies.
      I've got a the usual personal networks, plus I'm involved in running twitter-facebook-youtube-type things for the local "save the river Ebro" group, plus things for the Catalan issue, plus for our local cycling group, plus things we set up to try and "advertise" our work, plus..... it's just too easy to set one up!