dijous, 2 de novembre de 2017

Should I stay or should I go? That is the question

[Catalan version below]
As I was saying... no, seriously, it's been over two years since I last wrote on here and I'm not really sure whether to start it up again or not. What happened? Well, with my health issues I wrote about in the previous post, I was expecting to spend some time feeling sorry for myself and then just mosey along as usual. Which I did for a while, even going to the Big City to pay a private consultant to more or less tell me what I already knew. Basically, stop worrying (I haven't), and wear compression stockings every day come rain or shine (I do). Then the you-know-what hit the fan as my wife was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive slipped disc, which needed an immediate operation or run the risk of not walking again. The first operation wasn't 100% successful so a second one was carried out. All in all, she ended up spending about 2 months in hospital - just coming out for a while at Christmas 2015. Then the recovery time. All this coincided with the start of some major building work at our house which dragged on until summer 2016. With my going up and down to the hospital all the time, and the builders ripping the house apart, we had to spend a few months living down at my mother-in-law's house.
When we did eventually get back to normal, about a year ago now, we got back into our routines but I never really felt like starting the blog again. I mean I did, as in I kept taking notes on ideas to write about, but the energy and willpower weren't there. With everything going on in our lives, and that had happened, other things changed too. Nothing is the same as before. Plus, of course, the danger of internet is that there are so many other distractions available that I've been easily able to waste my time in other places than here. 
Anyway, not sure if I'll continue this for much longer. I'd like to but I need to "want to" too. For now, I've written this as a kind of explanation-excuse-hello-goodbye post, and also as I'm thinking of doing one or two posts to put something on here I've been writing about the Catalan issue.
Així que, com us deia... bé, com us deia fa 2 anys! Per que he desapergut 2 anys del blog? Continuarà ara? Fa 2 anys, escrivia que tenia problemes de salut amb la meva cama, però despres a la tardor del 2015 les coses van prendre un gir a pitjor - a la meva dona li van diagnosticar una hernia discal molt aggressiva que calia operar immediatament. Després d'unes complicacions, una segona operació i les coses es van allargar. Vam passar gairebé 2 mesos a l'hospital en total, amb un 'descans' al mig per passar nadal a casa. Quan per fi vam començar la fase de recuperació a casa, va coincidir amb l'estress d'unes obres que feiem a casa. I aixi va anar passant el temps. Feina, familia, els problemes de cada dia. A més, les ganes i prioritats son diferents ara despres de tants moments dificils. Les coses canvien. I, referent al blog, no he tornat a trobar la energia ni les ganes d'escriure fins ara. Ara, tampoc sé si continuaré. Torno perque vull penjar una cosa que estic escrivint sobre el referendum però no sé si despres el blog tindrà continuitat o si aquest epoca de la meva vida s'ha acabat. Ja veurem.

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