dijous, 19 de maig de 2011

A Spanish and Catalan Revolution

Tonight, thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life are once more camping out in public squares in the main Spanish and Catalan cities. What started as a protest action last Sunday has snowballed into a, dare we say, "revolution", and promises to grow and grow until at least Sunday - election day.

Catalans and Spaniards are finally breaking out of their apathy to say enough is enough. This is not about Right and Left, this is not about anti-systems and anarchists. Simply people saying all we want is a Real, a True, Democracy. One where everyone has a voice, where there is a chance of finding a job, where politicians and businessmen take full responsibility for their actions, where the effects of the so-called crisis are not merely passed down to the man-in-the-street. A clean honest reliable consquential democracy, now.

These protesters have set up camp, organising their basic needs, mucking in together, in peaceful and tolerant places to debate and propose what a Democracy should be like.

They do not state which party deserves to win the elections (local ones, and some autonomous ones) on Sunday, merely that the public should lodge a Responsible Vote.

This protest shows no sign of slowing down. Here is a short video where you can get a feel for what is only just starting ....

2 comentaris:

  1. SPanish and Catalan revolution? #spanishrevolution is not just a bunch of outraged people, IS the people.

    Catalan nationalis hs nothing to do here. Catalan nationalist are not welcome. This movement is the spanish people united to achieve a much better Democracy in Spain.

    There is no such "spaniards and catalans", there is one single revolution of Spaniards.

    Nationalism is lways trying to get the benefit of social movements, but this time is different. People in the strets will just not accept anything against the country, because thay re not politizians, they are Spaniards, and they want a better Spain, not a better Catalonia, because it's their Nation.

    Peace out.

  2. Thank you for your opinions. I agree to a point. I merely tried to write using the feedback I am receiving here in Catalonia from friends and colleagues who are protesting. I don't think the "nationalists" are trying to take advantage of this, it is simply that many many Catalans do not feel Spanish, but that does not stop them from protesting hand in hand to improve the system that currently rules over us.
    I think this movement has to have enough flexibility to take on all ideas and reach different conclusions for different needs. If we try to put everyone in the same sack, we will not resist long enough to obtain results.