dimarts, 16 d’octubre de 2012

4 songs - Kirsty MacColl

S'en parla molt dels artistes "famosos" que ens han deixat massa aviat - Lennon, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, .... però de la Kirsty MacColl, es parla poc. Avuí, que no és ni el seu aniversari ni l'aniversari de la seva mort, toca fer-li un petit homentatge a aquesta gran cantant, i gran persona.
Much has been said, and is said, about the well-known singers who have died too young, but not many "experts" talk about Kirsty MacColl. It's not her birthday, nor the anniversary of her death today, but evenso, here goes my homage to this great singer, and great person.

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  1. Surprised you didn't include "A Fairytale of New York" - the best Xmas song ever. The circumstances of Kirsty MacColl's death were not only tragic but followed by deception, bribery and blatant irresponsibility. A sad loss to the world of song. I am sure she had more to give us.

  2. I agree with you, her death is one of those which really left its mark on me. I'd followed her music from, more or less, her first tracks, and had (have) several of her albums. Most on cassette!
    This post is inspired by the fact that last week I was rummaging around Amazon and co. seeing what CDs of hers I could get on offer ... and I realised that I'd only ever posted one of her songs on here, the afore-mentioned Fairytale of NY, as you rightly say, probably the Best Xmas Song Ever.
    I was going to write a mini-bio of her, but time restrictions prevailed, and as Bogart said, "We'll always have Wikipedia ....".

    http://briancutts.blogspot.com.es/2009/12/bon-nadal-amb-la-fairytale-of-new-york.html - back from the days when I only blogged in Catalan, sorry!

  3. While we're chatting, the singer I've never heard, though, is her father. I remember reading he was (is?) a folk-singer, but Barnsley library didn't have his stuff, and it's never struck me to search for him now we have all the world's music at the click of a mouse - until now .... watch this space (but not immediately!).