divendres, 26 d’octubre de 2012

The Laughing Policeman #Who'sLaughingNow

Diuen que aviat ens prohibiran fer fotos dels policies. Pos, en un ultim acte de rebeldia abans d'amagar-me a les muntanyes, us passo les ultimes fotos que hem fet ...
The Spanish government in yet another demonstration of their openness and democratic way of thinking, have decided to prohibit the taking of photos or filming videos of policemen going about their every day work - such as infiltrating and breaking up otherwise peaceful protest marches, or splitting people's heads open ... anyway, before I have to head back into my secret mountain hideout, here are the last few photos I've been able to take. Publish and be dammed ...

2 comentaris:

  1. Here in the cradle of parliamentary democracy, I bristle when photographed or videoed by police officers at football matches. It makes me feel that my rights have somehow been violated. However, I've noticed a few policewomen I'd like to capture on camera. I wonder if they have a catalogue so I could rent one for an afternoon.

  2. The amount of photos and videos being taken at any public act, both by the police of the public, and by the public of the police .... maybe they're sponsored by Nikon or Samsung.
    Recently, there have been a few protest demos ending up in violence and/or vandalism, and many people have started photographing police (and secret police), behaving roughly and/or illegaly depending on whose version you listen to - and then posting the images on the net. So, the govt, rather than trying to get to the bottom of this (do secret policemen try and "spice up" peaceful protests? Do police provoke?), have decided to ban it.

    Hope you liked the song :)