diumenge, 3 de febrer de 2013

Bigoti Vermell / Petons entre Camions - Anna Roig i l'Ombre de Ton Chien #33Revolucions

Un dels millors programes a la tele si ja estas cansat de tants debats amb politics, tantes series pseudo-americanes, tanta basura, pos, al Canal 33 fan 33 Revolucions sobre cantants catalans que potser no sentiras als 40 Principals. I ahir va tocar els GRANS "Anna Roig i l'Ombre de Ton Chien" - casualitats de la vida (o no!), un dels pocs grups que hem vist en concert ultimament.
This Catalan group were on a new music TV programme, "33Revolucions", which specializes in an intimate and original look at local artists, offering a non-mainstream insight into the artists, their lifestyle, thoughts and music. By coincidence we saw this group last year in concert in Tortosa. They are well-worth checking out and sing in both Catalan and French,

(I'm going to draw a red moustache on the photo I took with my ex-boyfriend in Paris, to try and make those boring moments seem a little funny ...) (two lovers who meet up in motorway service areas and share kisses hidden between long-distance lorries ...)

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