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Mixed bag of some more of my fave #Eurovision winners

M'encantaria parlar de Eurovision tota la setmana, reflexionant, opinant, pero no tinc temps. O sigui, anem a repassar algunes guanyadors que recordo haver vist i que m'han agradat ...
..... I'd love to have the time to talk about Eurovision, but I don't. So here's my fave winners from my living memory (having already blogged 1974/75):
1. Brotherhood of Man - Save all your kisses for me (1976) UK Win!!
2. Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta - A ba ni bi (1978)- Israel
3. Gali Atari and Milk & Honey - Hallelujah (1979)- Israel
4. Bucks Fizz - Making your mind up (1981) - UK Win!!
The lost years - cool teenagers did not watch Eurovision back then! followed by a TV-free decade ....until ....
5. Dana International - Diva (1998) Israel (what is it with Israel?!)
6. Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006) Finland
7. Loreen - Euphoria (2012) Sweden
7. Loreen - Euphoria (2012) Sweden

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  1. Brian - have you ever thought of getting some counselling for your Eurovision obsession? You've been away from Elsecar too long. Can you imagine any of those "salt of the earth" miners or railway workers finding any pleasure whatsoever in Lordi, Dana International or Bucks Fizz? No way! I have heard that many gay men find pleasure in Eurovision. Mmmm... interesting.

  2. You're talking to the President of the Elsecar Unemployed Miners Priscilla Queen of the Desert Fan Club, you know! Nothing wrong with gay men, I say, in the right place - mmm, maybe that didn't come out right (as the actress said to the bishop)!
    What can I say - Eurovision is great for kids (my 1970s), and those past caring who thinks they are cool or not (i.e. now) - down with Janis Joplin and the lost songs Bob Dylan wrote with John Lennon's baker, and up with Bucks Fizz!! Life is a gas, man!

    (watching my commas for a change)

  3. Life is a gasman? Try telling that to an electricity worker! He'd slam you to the floor and yell "Believe in Me" like Bonnie Tyler after a gallon of strong Sangria. No wonder you were driven out of Elsecar by the HBTV (Homophobic Torch Bearing Vigilantes)...Elsecar calling! Elsecar calling! Ere is t'voting from Elsecar. Brian Cutts - nil points! Yorkshire Pudding vingt points!

  4. Well, that's that for another year. Nice to see the UK had Vera Lynne's grandmother singing - she sure gave those youngsters a run for their money.
    Anyway, looks like Greece could be a popular holiday spot this summer if the "alcohol is free".

  5. I have a confession to make...I liked the Netherlands's song and I'd be happy to give the lass who sang it a helping hand with her flat tyre.