dimecres, 22 de maig de 2013

Relats a recer d'una guitarra - Tibau i Espinós #Tortosa

Autor Jesus Tibau contant alguns relats breus, acompanyats per la guitarra del music David Espinos, una petita alegria ebrenca - demà al URV.

Author Jesus Tibau will be reading some of his short tales set to the music of guitarist and composer David Espinos. Wonderful. If you're anywhere near Tortosa tomorrow, don't miss it!

4 comentaris:

  1. It depends what you mean by "near" Brian. It's 1205 miles from Tortosa to Sheffield so please accept my apologies.

  2. Ok, apologies accepted, 1205 miles on a pushbike is a but much. Apparently you missed a darn good show, though. I say "apparently" as I was busy arguing with, sorry, teaching, a bunch of fascinating teenagers at that time. My missus went and thoroughly enjoyed it, so we can recommend it if you ever do come this way - and brush up on your Catalan (I hear Sheffield Uni has a Catalan dept! - probably just next to the broom cupboard ...)..

    'night :)

  3. BRIAN It's not a Catalan department, it's a Catapult department, directly across from the Catamaran department. Mind you we have two big stores in Sheffield called Catalan - homeware and clothing. There's one just adjacent to the Sheffield Parkway.