dilluns, 11 de novembre de 2013

33 Revolucions

Per acabar per ara aquest serie d'apunts sobre documentals-musicals, si no els vau vore en el seu moment, us torno a recomanar els programes 33 Revolucions del Canal 33. Cada episodi, de mig hora, es dedica a donar un punt de vista diferent sobre artistes catalans, barrejant la seva musica amb elements de la seva vida, i tot explicat a un cert ritme "slow" que ens dona temps de reflexionar i absorbir la musica.
Last but not least, to finish off the series of blog-posts on music-documentaries, I'll recommend this series "33 revolucions" which was broadcast earlier this year on Catalan TV. The programmes are in Catalan, obviously, but don't let that put you off! Each episode is relatively short and gives a "slow", original look at the life and life-style of some, relatively unknown, Catalan singers. Mixing music with their family, friends, parties, work, meal-times, we get to appreciate just where their music is coming from. This link allows you to see all the episodes - hopefully it will work abroad, who knows?!
Singers and groups included are (hence you can google them if the link fails); Joan Colomo, Joan Pons, Mau Boada, Senior i el Cor Brutal, Anna Roig i l'Ombra de Ton Chien, Raul Fernandez Refree, Oliva Trencada, Maika Makovski, Maria Rodés, The New Raemon, La Iaia, Raynald Colom, Sanjosex, and Las Migas.

Just as a taster, here's one of the artists ....

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  1. How cool Brian thank you. I have really enjoyed read your reviews and have added them to my playlist.