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Hugh Laurie - Copper Bottom Blues

Fa uns dies vaig vore aquest documental, explicant el viatge /gir que fa Hugh Laurie i the Copper Bottom Band per les EEUU fins arribar a California i el vaixell el Queen Mary. L'objectiu és un homenatge a l'artista Professor Longhair qui havia tocat un concert de llegenda aquí fa 40 anys.
Els que heu seguit la carrera de Hugh ja sabreu que és un bon actor, i bon comediant, però el seu amor de veritat és la música. Ara fa un parell d'anys que s'ha dedicat a gravar i tocar blues, i de pas, explorar la seva historia. No us explicaré que passa al documental, ja que s'ha de mirar! Només dir-vos que és un fascinant viatge, que encara ens hipnotiza més quan ens ho explica una persona per la qual la música li representa tant.
Saw this documentary a few weeks ago - Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Blues band go on a tour of the USA with the objective of exploring the history of the blues and finally play a concert on the Queen Mary in California, just as Hugh's hero, Professor Longhair, has played 40 years before. 
If you've followed Hugh's career, you'll probably know that he is a decent actor, a pretty good comedian, but his real love is music. For the last couple of years he's been recording and playing blues and generally having a damm good time of it! This film is fascinating - whether you are interested in blues or just like hearing a real fan speak about their favourite subject.

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  1. Thanks for another music doco review. I will track this one down. It must be difficult to be talented in more than one thing. I blogged amout Australian musician and comedian Tim Minchin this week ~ never been a real fan myself, but the same thing occurred to me then ~ oh to have so many strings to one's bow.

  2. Brian! I love Blues! And I really like Laurie as an actor. Great combination! I am going to download (or is it upload? - I always forget) this and watch it tomorrow. Night night! And - thank you!

  3. I'm not much of a techno expert, but I suppose you can download (down is the term, especially for those who live "down under"!) it and somehow put it on your telly.
    But Carol/Katherine, if you don't mind watching it on your pokey computer screens (well, mine is pokey), the first Youtube link above is the full 49-minute documentary film. You can "expand" Youtube clips to take up the full pc screen, and the quality isn't too bad.

    And yes, it is great! I'll probably watch it again soon - they showed it on TV here and I recorded it :)

  4. I watch a lot more on my iPad these days than TV ~ small screen doesn't bother me :)