divendres, 7 de febrer de 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody - The Muppets

Bloguear o treballar, aquesta és la pregunta. En fí, poc temps per bloguear ultimament, això de tornar a treballar té els seus pros i contres. Entre classes, traduccions, i altres temes - estudiant sobre el cargol poma, posant la meva gra de sorra en "el process", llegint una bona novel·la, gaudint de bona musica, barallant-nos en els petits de la casa,  i visitant metges continuament, pos, una mica de tranqulitat per escriure les entrades que vull fer (tinc almenys 20 temes apuntats!), pos, no ho trobo. Però no passa res.
Vinga, una mica de musica maestro :)
To blog or to work, that seems to be the question. All this "return to work" lark has its pros and contras, one of the downsides is that suddenly your days become a rat-race. Not that it's just work filling up my time of course (I didn't choose my life/job here to be stuck in a 9-5 stress bucket), but between teaching and translating, and living - theatre (more later), writing about apple snails (more later), being with the family, a good book (more later), searching out great music, seeing one doctor after another, and "investing" time doing nothing really productive on the internet - I'm finding it hard to find the "quiet hours" in a day which I need to write a half-decent post (and I've got a least 20 written down in a "to blog" list!). But, that's life folks.
So, music maestro.

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  1. Fourteen days since your last post! That is truly disgraceful Brian and you should be very ashamed of yourself. Sorry to hear that the health issue hasn't gone away - seeing one doctor after another. Looking forward to your post about apple snails - whatever they might be. Hope they're not an edible variety. Best wishes from me in not so sunny Yorkshire.

    1. Do not be alarmed - I went to the hospital 3 times last week, but they were all "good news" appointments, checking I'm fully on the road to recovery etc. I may still make it in time for the Winter Olympics.
      Anyway, going to the doctor's 2 or 3 times a week means I've managed to read an 800-page novel since Christmas so that's worked out fine too.

  2. Brian, I am hearing you. I am so busy with return to work. And when I am not busy I am just too exhausted to sit down and write. Ideas, news, events happen all the time that I think that would be good to blog about, but not much is happening except a growing list of blog titles in draft. Best wishes for some relief from the pain.

    1. Thanks, I'm definitely getting better, slowly but surely.
      Hope to see some of your blogging when you get back into it!