divendres, 24 de gener de 2014

Pantalons curts i genolls pelats - Els Pets

Ok, one more track by The Farts / Els Pets. This one speaks about childhood memories. Seeing they were born in 1963, we're talking about the early 70s here....

Long summer holidays in Catalonia, 12 weeks off school, sun and heat. Dirty fingernails and scraggly hair. Climbing peach trees. Skinny dipping in small pools. Afternoon snack for the kids - bread soaked in red wine and sugar, and a piece of quince cheese. Back out playing football till late. Watching the farmers coming back to town at dusk. Meat and toast for supper, then back out to play hide and seek in the coolness of the night. Sundays meant mass - clean cothes and a good dose of cologne. Maybe when we look back, we only remember the good times - but what times they were! Shorts and grazed knees (the title of the song).
And a nostalgic video.

2 comentaris:

  1. El tema de la cançó és aquella amb la qual m'identifico. Però a mesura que els pets cantar en català encara no puc entendre una paraula.
    (Perfect translation by Google Translator)

  2. Gràcies per esciure en català, even though it's with the help of a dodgy automatic translator. The list of memories I've posted are picked and chosen from the best lines from the song (with a bit of poetic licence) . Catalan kids did use to have bread soaked in red wine and sugar for an "energy snack" - you can keep your red bull or whatever kids have now!