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Song For Europe - Roxy Music, a 48 hores de les eleccions

A pocs dies, hores, de les eleccions europees i veig que no hem apres gaire. En teoria, el concepte de la Unio Europea m'agrada, ha aconseguit que Anglaterra, França i Alemanya deixessen de lluitar (amb armes) entre ells per primer cop en mil anys, i l'objectiu de posar coses i idees en comú pel bé de tothom, pos, és bona.
Ara si, veig que el sistema que ens han introduït reprodueix els mals dels sistemes i parlaments nacionals, i fa poca cosa per a canviar. Fa falta una mica de brain-storming per inventar-nos un sistema que realment funciona i deixa enrere les corrupcions, interessos foscos, i la poca transparencia i eficacia.
En aquestes eleccions se suposa que ens explicarien els candidats que pensen de la legislació mediambiental, dels drets dels ciutadans, de la lluita seguretat vs privacitat, llibertats dels ciutadans, o control dels ciutadans, de com pensem mantenir la força economica d'Europea, o si estem disposats a deixar la nostra situació priveligada de smartphones, pantalles planes i 3 cotxes per familia, d'un pla de veritat per l'imigracio o Africa, de com volem que Europea reacciona davant guerres com Irak, Bosnia, Ukrania, com volem que reacciona i amb quin criteri, quins pla a 50 anys tenim pel probable final del petroli etc..... però crec que no s'ha parlat gaire.
En fi, votarem una mica en base de qui defensa més o menys l'auto-determinació de Catalunya i au. Jo també!
Almenys que algun partit proposa aixo com a himne europeu, i llavors els votaria...
The English, and others, have already voted (apparently voting on a Thursday as on "pay-day" Friday they traditionally govt blinding drunk until Monday came round again), but we don`t vote in Catalona till Sunday. The European elections are important as the EU is important, in my opinion. If nothing else, this invention has stopped England, France and Germany from kicking the sh*t out of each other as they had been doing for a thousand years. What else has it achieved? Well, probably not half what we would like it to do as the EU bodies seem to have unfortunately copied all the bad habits of national political systems (corruption, inefficiency, beaurocracy, favouring "dark" interests over citizens rights...) and few of the good ones. It needs a good shake up if it is to be the body we want and deserve.
What is EU going to do about the climate change? Where are the plans for when the oil reserves run out? What should we do faced with wars and injustice in the world? Is it our role to step in in cases like Iraq, Ukraine, the Nigerian school girls? What about freedom and privacy vs control and security? Where's the long term plan to maintain European citizens priviliges (cash galore, smartphones, 3 cars...), or should we? All this and many more questions should be on the table but the debate seems to centre around Daily Mail headlines - shock, horror, we've found a Rumanian who's fooling the system, let's all vote for a posh populist racist party. Oh no, Europe won't let us put inches on our measurements (a lie) or eat wrongly-shaped bananas (another lie), let's all pull out of Europe and put millions of jobs at risk ...
And in Catalonia, basically we'll all vote depending on each party's opinions regarding the independence issue, and screw the pan-European politics for another 4 years. At least that's how I'll be voting anyway.

I would change my vote in a flash though, and vote for anyone who proposes this for the EU Official Anthem ...

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  1. I have never heard that song before and I don't like it. To me it is self-indulgent tripe - therefore it would probably make a perfect song for Europe. I think about how European union was spawned and as I see it it was principally about fat cats - businesses wishing to profit through more fluent trading opportunities. It was never about the needs of ordinary people. European Union was foisted on the people behind smokescreens - like an enormous magical trick. Great Britain should have stayed bonded to our Commonwealth while still trading with the rest of Europe. It has cost us so much but I would never vote for the likes of Farage and his motley crew of dumb cronies.

  2. I can see where you're coming from - I've had close contact with the workings of the EU, even speaking in front of the Petitions Committee, but that's another story - and know full well how badly it functions. But I tried to make some kind of positive post, pre-elections; after all, politics will be whatever we want it to be, we have the power, even though it turns out that only 47% of Catalans actually exercised this power (the vote).
    The EU could be something good, but probably won't be.
    I love the song, no idea what he's on about but saxophones and stupid French lyrics and 6 minute songs have their own space in my music collection. Probably as I heard this first as a 13-year old brought up on pop music and thought, Oh My God, what's that?!