dimecres, 16 de juliol de 2014

On dunking with #JoshRouse #QuietTown

Tornem al blog despres d'un merescut descans, per parlar d'un tema importantissim.
A Anglaterra - o almenys al meu poble, als People's Republic of South Yorkshire - sucar galetes o donuts al cafe, te, o xocolata de beure està molt mal vist. Se considera de una falta d'educació brutal. No obstant, sí que suquem, i molt, pa a la sopa.
A Catalunya, o almenys aquí al mig dels països catalans a Tortosa, és al reves. Suquem al cafe i xocolata amb molt de gust - i en public. Però no posen mai res dins la sopa. Curios.
Interrupting this enforced respite from blogging to deal with the important matter of dunking. In England, or at least in Barnsley, dunking biscuits or other sweet products - buns, doughnuts... - in your drink is considered bad manners and you can only really do it up to the age of about 4. But we do dunk bread, and loads of it, buttered even, in our soup. The Catalans go about things in a different way. They love dunking in their hot beverages - even in public, but never put any bread-like substance in their soup.
(PS  searching for a dunking photo on Google, it turns out it means something else to Americans - lots of photos of tall guys in vests jumping up and down with a ball in their hands)
(PPS can't think of a dunking song, so ... looks at what CDs he's got strewn across the desk... we'll put this one on....

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  1. And a most important topic to justify a blog post ~ I still dunk biscuits in my tea at home (never in company) ~ it us guilty pleasure that takes us back to being a kid. In Australia there are people who will bite the ends off a Tim Tam biscuit and use it as a straw to drink their tea/coffee. Never done it myself ~ I am sure there is YouTube footage if I go looking. Great to see a post from you Brian.

  2. *googles Tim tam biscuits* Look delicious though doing a Tim Tam Slam (yes, it's on Wikipedia) doesn't look easy!
    Thanks. It's been a hard but enjoyable few months and the blog suffered the consequences. However, I have a few weeks now where I think I should be able to post a few odd thoughts .. if I can remember everything I wanted to post about!