dijous, 17 de juliol de 2014

Wild Horses - The Stones / Els Rolling

Bé, encara que no m'agrada gaire remarcar les diferencies entre viure a Catalunya o Anglaterra, de vegades em surten les ganes d'explicar alguna i avui teniu sort. Els catalans tendeixen a abreviar els Rolling Stones com a "Els Rolling" mentre els anglesos els diem "The Stones". Suposo perque els catalans estan accostumbrats a que la primera paraula sigui el nom, i no pas l'adjectiu.
As you may recall, I'm not big on pointing out differences between living in Catalonia or England, but here's another one. English folk call The Rolling Stones, The Stones; whereas Catalans abbreviate them as "Els Rolling". I suppose it's as Catalans are used to the first word being a noun, and the following word the adjective.
Interesting fact, hey!

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  1. I thought that Susan Boyle sang it better than Mick Jagger. Maybe they should try a duet but no doubt Mick would be trying to get into her knickers now he's lost his darling L'Wren. I can imagine how Susan Boyle will react - "Phooarh!"

  2. Susan who? No, seriously, I have a vague idea who she is but am quite out of touch (for better or worse) with the Top English (don't suppose she's English?) Celebs.
    If it's a good version of Wild Horses you're after....

    1. Susan Boyle is Scottish. You can tell that just by looking at her.