divendres, 4 de juny de 2010

Des dels neandertals, Ape Man dels The Kinks

Els cientifics han descobert que els homosapiens, o sigui natros, es van enrotllar amb els neandertals fa milers d'anys .... Ara s'adonen! No cal estudiar molt, només mirar les noticies cada dia per a veure que encara hi ha gent voltant pel món amb una mica de sang neandertal!!
Un que pensava que era encara meitat home meitat simi, era Ray Davies dels The Kinks amb la cançó Ape Man (any 1970).

Well, at last scientists have confirmed what most of us already knew just through watching the news everyday. Apparently homosapiens (us) did "get it on" with neanderthal man, and woman ... as I say, it's always been fairly evident that there are still some of us knocking about with a bit of caveman blood in us!
Ray Davies of The Kinks also thought he was an Ape Man (1970).

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  1. Did you read an article about this recently Brian? The cross-pollination, so to speak...? Can you remember where it was?

  2. Yes, it was on the news over (or up?)here - though most TV presenters missed the opportunity for an easy joke! The visuals also showed how Homosapiens moved from Africa into Europe, mating as they went, and the Neanderthals were gradually cornered in a corner of Europe known as Spain! Their last post. Which, as I say, is not too surprising when you see some of the Iberius Masclistus specimens on show nowadays ....

    Seriously, it's here on the BBC:


    or here an opinion:

  3. Having said that, I now intend to let loose the Neanderthal in me, and devote the blog to a week of football :)