dijous, 17 de maig de 2012

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison #EssentialHistoryLessons

Per bé o per mal, en la feina que faig sovint em trobo en adolescents i ens toca parlar ... per ensenyar frases o paraules en anglès, tinc la mania que si els poden relacionar amb alguna cosa que coneixen, pos, més possibilitat d'aprendre'ls. I aixi sempre que puc, busco referencies en cultura popular, sobretot pel·lis i musica. I sovint, em rep una sorpresa ... com avui, que 0% de la classe coneixia a aquesta cançó!
Però, que els ensenyen a l'escola???
For better or for worse, I come into contact with many a teenager in my line of work, and somehow have to get them to learn English. One of my pet theories is that if we can only relate new words and expressions to things they already know, they're going to have a much greater chance of remembering and learning them. And, so I often prepare language references to examples in popular culture, such as films and pop music. And, I often get a surprise - like today, when not one of them had ever heard of this song!! What do they teach them at schools nowadays??

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  1. one of my all time favourite records of all time pop pickers!

  2. Well, you're really asking for this then today - the Catalan version (remember to clik on "omit advert" on RH side after 5 seconds to go straight to clip).

    Ulls de color mel = Honey coloured eyes , by Els Pets (which doesn't mean a domestic animal, but a rather smelly noisy emission from a certain rear part of your body - a quaint name for a pop group)

  3. What things to explain to the English!! they will think that we are (catalan people) evil spoken, and scatologic people.

    if you served consolation, I met two persons thirty years old who did not know who was Donna Summer.


  4. Thanks NTNE ! And don't worry, I have had this blog for 3 years and have never talked about the "caganer" ... yet !! Next Christmas maybe ....