dimarts, 21 de gener de 2014

Bombolles - Els Pets

Another cool album from 2013, which we got at Christmas and are listening to a lot now - L'Area Petita by Catalan group Els Pets (literally means 'the farts'). Here's the first single, Bombolles.

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  1. The Farts would surely be a lot more successful if they sang in English. I couldn't understand a frigging word. Oh, and I don't think the solution to blue ball syndrome is to chop the buggers in half with an axe!

  2. I'll have you know The Farts are probably the Biggest Group in Catalonia!
    Funny you should say that, though; the singer is an English teacher in his "real life", as pop singers don't make that much money any more. Did you notice that Father Christmas forms part of the band?! (drummer/driver).
    Anyway, dont wory about the lyrics, in my opinion in 76% of pop songs, the words are just poetic/humorous/pseudo-philosophic word games to provide another "instrument" for the song.
    I "grew up" with The Farts (as my great-uncle Bulgaria used to say), in a sense. They were just starting out as I arrived in Catalonia and I've seen them hit the big time, I've heard their early protest songs, and their, now, more middle-aged "social comment" songs as they gradually lose favour with the new generations but still manage to put on a good show and provide us oldies with the kind of music we like - not all this modern bang bang bang noise ... moan moan ... !