dissabte, 27 de novembre de 2010


Cada any el partit del Barça vs Real Madrid és un "classic", però aquest any amb, per una banda, el millor equip de l'historia i un entrenador amb educació, visió, estil, i filosofia, com pocs - i per l'altre banda els xulos de sempre ara amb els ingredients del Cristiano Ronaldo i el personatge de Mourinho ....! Wow, molt prometador!

Barcelona FC have won every trophy under the sun in recent years, breaking world records, with a breath-taking style of fast-flowing technical football. If we add to this a certain level of fair-play, and 7 or 8 first team players being "home-grown", we have something special.

Real Madrid have a certain reputation for being a good, but arrogant team. And Barça's greatest rivals - for obvious reasons. For years and years their matches have represented the long-term "match" between Catalonia and Spain. Last season was especially exciting with each team pushing each other to the limit, breaking point-winning and goal-scoring records as they went. It went down to the wire, with Barça taking the League eventually - not surprising if we see Messi in action.

This year Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo (two "special" ones) have been added to the mix.

Fireworks are promised!

Check this year's match out, Monday at 21.00, just 24 hours after the Catalan elections.

So, let's re-live a few great moments as we wait for Monday to come. As the song says, Ja Som Campions (we are the champions)

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