dilluns, 14 de març de 2011

Pais Petit

Després dels meus 15 minuts de fama, i la bona tria de música que va fer Oriol, el presentador, pos, tenia ganes de tornar a sentir aquesta joia de Llach. També ajunto la versió amb els Ocults per ensenyar 4 fotos de Catalunya als visitants al bloc.
I got my fifteen minutes of fame on local radio last week - along the lines of "foreigner gives views on Catalonia" (or from an English-centric point of view, "an Englishman abroad"). An interesting experience, served up with a good choice of music by Oriol, the presenter. On eof the songs is a special favourite of mine - Pais Petit (small country). The orginal singer/writer, Lluis Llach, here with an acoustic version, followed by a "poppy" version with Llach and Catalan group, Ocults. This second one here basically for the photos it shows for those of you who wonder what Catalonia looks like (well, the nicer parts!).

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