dimecres, 3 d’agost de 2011

Mitjons Blancs - Terratombats

Interrumpim aquest fascinant serie d'apunts sobre ELO per proposar una altra candidata per cançó de l'estiu :)
Leaving the ELO series aside for a day, couldn't resist this piece of summer "fun" - fun with a message. The lyrics (in a mixture of Catalan and English) denounce the fact that people coming to Catalonia on holiday, bombarded by "typical" Spanish souvenirs, do not get a chance to find out anything about Catalonia or its culture. Who's to blame?
A visitor to London wouldn't expect to see folk in kilts saying Och Aye, or Lancastrians walking whippets and smoking black puddings, so why are visitors to Catalonia offered bull-fighting souvenirs, Sevillian folk dresses, even Mexican hats!!?

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