dilluns, 24 d’octubre de 2011

I got you - Split Enz

No és que sigui el fan numero 1 de l'esport del rugby, i tampoc és que tingui res en contra de França (bé, per quedar bé ...), però sempre he tingut un talo d'Aquiles per Nova Zelanda. Un pais precios, amb una gent educada i culta (bé, els 3 o 4 que he conegut!), el ball dels All Blacks, el no-nuclearització, les pel·líes The Piano, Lord of the Rings, Braindead - quin crak el Peter Jackson!, la serie The Flight of the Conchords, i sobretot els germans Finn. Despres farien Crowded House, però al principis dels 80 van tenir èxit com a Split Enz. Aixi que, per celebrar la victoria al mundial de rugby, aqui els tenim. Recordeu aquesta joia?


It's not that I'm a Big Fan of rugby, or that I have anything against the French (well, no more than any other English-man), but I do have a soft spot for New Zealand. A country which says no to nuclear power and weapons (as I was reminded a few weeks ago), with such a glorious countryside, and wonderful people (well, the 3 or 4 I've met), the war dance of the All Blacks, films like The Piano, Lord of the Rings - in fact anything by Peter Jackson - loved Braindead!, television series like The Flight of the Conchords, and above all the Finn brothers. Probably better known for their later success in Crowded House, but I'm sure you all remember at least this song from their previous group, Split Enz. So, well done New Zealand!!

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  1. Thanks, I do try to let my thoughts run free on the blog. It would be too easy and dull to look up Wikipedia and write something serious, balanced and factually correct ;) I do that in my "real life"! Here, it's the first-thing-that-comes-to-mind technique, and as I've said NZ only means good things to me personally ... so far!