dimarts, 4 d’octubre de 2011

Kon Tiki - The Shadows

Fa 50 anys avui, els Shadows van arribar al numero 1 a les llistes d'exits anglesos amb aquesta peça, Kon Tiki. Els Shadows, que per cert, sempre sonaven a casa nostra quan jo era petit. Encara tinc el cassette que vaig recopilar de més gran, amb tapes dibuixades per mi mateix!

Kon Tiki, com tothom amb access a Wikipedia sap, era el nom d'una barca que van fer servir per intentar demostrar que gent de sur-america havien colonitzat les illes de Polinesia. Va ser bastant famos, amb llibres i documentals.


50 years ago today, and The Shadows hit number one with Kon Tiki !

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  1. Oh My! Was it 50 years ago?! I remember it well! Here on your blog a first: To say I remember something 50 years ago well.

  2. I too remember it well but not from 1961. In the seventies I was given a Shadows tape for Christmas, one of those with versions of Baker St etc, and my parents then told me the Shadows were not a "new" group and they dragged these old albums out, and quicker than you could say Hank Marvin I was mesmerized (which I'm hoping is spelt like that).
    I'll stick some more on one day, at present I'm off-blogging under doctor's orders!

  3. I am of course surprised that a mere toddler probably still in nappies (or is it diapers down under?) would have shown such an interest in pop music back in '61 ;)

  4. Thank you thank you. A good save, Brian.

    It's nappies here. Yes I was terribly terribly young. I have a lovely uncle who was a lot like a big brother. He was mad on Cliff Richard and the Shadows and used to play the music for me. And when I was six I was given a crystal radio (remember those?) for my birthday. Music didn't go 'out' so quickly then. I'm sorry to hear you're not allowed to blog. Sore finger?

  5. You're welcome!
    I'm going to dig out my 1970's "pirate" Shadows tape one of these days ... watch this space.
    At present I'm off work for at least one if not more weeks, with severe back pains - lumbalgia I think is the medical name. Suffice it to say, sitting down in front of a computer is the worst thing I can do posture-wise, so I can only do 2 minutes at a time just to check mails and feed my addiction! But any serious surfing is out-of-bounds for now :(