dissabte, 18 de febrer de 2012

Life is a carnival - The Band #Festa

Carnival weekend!!

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  1. Dear Brian,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a detailed response to my questions about alcohol. Sounds like Catalonian society has a much better grip on the stuff than we do in England. However, I must say that I have had many great times when lubricated by alcohol. It hasn't all been negative - not by a long way! And I much prefer traditional English pubs to anything the Mediterranean has to offer.
    Best wishes,
    Neil* (aka Yorkshire Pudding)
    *= secret to most bloggers.

    1. Hi, and thanks,
      Me too! Have had some great times when a little over the limit, it's just that I don't remember them! Probably the only memories I have of university worth keeping are all alcohol-related ... those Beer Festivals :)
      I would say, though, that the Catalans have a more mature attitude to the subject - for better or for worse. Even though my English friends could get blind drunk on a Friday night, when they saw us here getting the wine bottle out to accompany meals, it was all a case of childish giggles, hee hee, booze in the daytime¿?!!
      Pubs, you're right, especially for pub grub :) But there are some nice bars hidden away, for spending an evening chatting with friends in a stimulating atmosphere. If you're ever over here, I'll give try and recommend some :)
      Thanks for letting me in on your secret identity, I appreciate it :) And having just re-read (re-reading not something I tend to do since computers were invented) my entry on your blog, I realise that I never really answered the question, just drifted off into generalisations ... so, I'm floating back for a second attempt ...