dijous, 22 de març de 2012

Blooming Heather - Kate Rusby #JoanMiro_a_Yorkshire

Abans de caure a Catalunya, vivia als People's Republic of South Yorkshire, a uns 15 minuts en cotxe del Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Hi anem sovint perque és un lloc molt bonic per passejar, un parc enorme amb molts d'entorns diferents i sorpreses a cada rinco. No entenc res d'art, pero igualment em fa gracia trobar esculptures i ceramica al mig del paisatge natural.

Segur que si entenia més, encara m'agradaria més - o no. Pero el fet és que, per bé o per mal, a Anglaterra no s'ensenya l'historia de l'art a l'escola obligatoria. Abans de caure a Catalunya, ja de gran, no coneixia qui era Miro ni Dali, ni Moore, ni Monet. I ara, ben just! Em quedo amb Lennon i MacCartney.

Aixo no m'ha impedit disfrutar, però, d'algunes obres. Potser el que més m'agrada, pel sencill i llamatiu, és l'obra de Miro. De fet, hem anat al museu a Barcelona ja 3 cops, i aviat hi tornarem amb els petits - que ja saben molt més d'art que jo.

En fi, tot aquest rotllo per arribar a explicar que aquest any fan una exposició a l'aire lliure (o sigui, pluja) de Miro al Yorkshire Sculpture Park!!

Per acompanyar, ja he posat sovint musica de Yorkshire, i avui no fallaré. Es el turn de Kate Rusby ...


Before I ended up in Catalunya, I used to live about 15 minutes' drive from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. A place I've always loved as being a great place for a long walk, with surprises around every corner - even though I know nothing about art. Nothing meaning nothing, not false modesty. I didn't know Miro or Dali before I came here. Or Moore or Monet for that matter. Catalan kids actually study art history at school and my 6 and 8-year old kids already know more than me about art and artists. Having said that, though, I do have a soft spot for Miro - who I didn't discover till I actually went to Barcelona for the first time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there's a Miro exhibition on at the YSP this year, and I strongly recommend it!

As for music from Yorkshire, here's the Barnsley nightingale ... Kate Rusby.

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  1. It looks like I'll have to put the YSP on the agenda for next year.
    I wish I could fit Catalunya in, too.

  2. PS I have just listened to the clip. Magic. It's making very excited about our trip to Yorkshire and Scotland next year!

  3. Yes, if you're coming to Yorkshire and like art, as I think you do!, then you'll love this place. It's a beautifully-kept well-sized park with all kinds of artwork "scattered" amongst the fields and bushes ... and a more serious indoor gallery, and (my favourite part) a fine tea-room :)
    Also, don't miss York, or Whitby, or Robin Hood's Bay, or the moors, or Bronte country, or ... but I'm sure YP has already offered you some tips :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, I haven't engaged in any serious tip-exchange with YP...
    The moors were always in my mind, but I haven't heard of Robin Hood's Bay, and didn't know Whitby was a must-see.
    But York... A story about York, or at least the cathedral, that I was part of years ago, has made that city on my list for 30 years. In a nutshell, when I was about 26 I went on a two-week residential laboratory Technician's course to another town. One of the young lecturers had recently emigrated to NZ from Yorkshire and...er ..let's say, despite my indifference and complete lack of encouragement (except to his travel stories) .. er, he became enamored of me :-) and just before I went home, he professed he would wait for me (forever!) and that I was the best thing that had ever happened to him since the York Minster.
    So there now. First time confessed on the internet.
    So I have to visit my rival, you see?

  5. OK, don't worry, I'm sure you'll have a great time wherever you go ... I imagine Yorkshire's landscape pales compares to the dramatic countryside you must have in NZ (or at least in Middle-earth!), but it's attraction is just that, easy, peaceful, man-made-over-the-centuries gently sloping and colourful hills and moors ..... RH Bay, has very little to do with RHood himself but is a quaint seaside smugglers' cove with lots of cool shops, galleries, and cafes, very arty .... Whitby is a fishing town but also a good example of the typically, some may say tacky, seaside towns - amusement arcades, bingo, fish&chips, donkey rides - with a strange locally run museum (plenty of Captain Cook stuff) and the place where Dracula spent his first night in England so many years ago.

    York - Thanks for letting me in on the secret! I won't tell a soul! I haven't seen you in the flesh, but York Minster takes some beating!!! Besides that, York is excellent for all the mixture of histories, Romans, Vikings, Normans .... anyway, hopefully I'll still be blogging as you get nearer the date and we can offer some more tips:)

  6. Sigh. That was 30 years ago dear. And I'm sure he has come to his senses and is no longer waiting.