dimecres, 7 de març de 2012

Randy Scouse Git - Monkees

Una altra peça classica dels Monkees - aquesta va ser escrita i cantada per Micky Dolenz, 1967. Si busqueu el titol en un diccionari, sabreu perque es va canviar de nom pel mercat anglès - dient-ho "Alternate Title"!!

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  1. Lots to see in this: Among which I noticed Micky hamming it up because he can't dub the exact doobedubledoodoo stuff he sung in the recorded version, and Peter has a tattoo on his hand?? What?

  2. Very observant!! And to say you do this standing upside down !! (typical northern hemisphere joke)
    Yes, the Monkees' videos are, as a rule, as funny as their shows! I'm afraid I'll be inflicting them on our children as soon as i find a good offer for buying the DVDs (no, I won't be going for VHS or Betamax).
    Thanks for the visits :)