dissabte, 10 de març de 2012

This is the day - The The #Soc l'ultim?

Estic pensant en fer un esforç per entrar al llibre de records Guiness - em deu falta poc per ser l'ultima persona a Catalunya en comprar un telefo mobil. O potser seré l'ultim persona en comprar encara diaris en versió paper. Soc ja l'ultim persona que encara mira videos VHS - o que encara vol mirar programes a l'hora que estan programats, i no pescar-los d'internet l'endemà? Seré l'ultim persona qui encara revela fotos?

O l'ultim persona que encara escolta The The?


I reckon if I can hold out a little more, I could be on course to enter the Guiness Book of Records - will I be the last person in Catalunya to resist buying a mobile phone? Or perhaps I'll be the last person to still buy newspapers (and not just read 'em online)? Or the last person to watch VHS videos - or even try and watch TV programmes at the time they are shown, rather than catch up with them on internet the next day? Perhaps I'm the last person who actually gets their photos developed?

Or the last one to remember The The?

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  1. Ha ha! The truth is I love technology and computers, but there comes a point when you have to run just to stay still! And we have to draw a line from time to time.
    I hate mobile phones - though my wife has one, usually switched off, but we have it "just in case". It's bad enough being connected permamently via computer when you're at home, let alone have people phoning you while you're out for a walk or meal. We need to be connected online for our work, and enjoyment, but try to restrict it.
    The other stuff; we have a DVd and a hard disc recorder, but even so still love getting the last drops of enjoyment from video tapes. Same with our old vinyl LPs, still getting used!!
    So, we're not complete Luddites!!

  2. Well, I can really relate to the running to stand still thing. I use the internet a lot to investigate aspects of all kinds of things for my art. And my two very computer literate sons keep me very up-to-date.
    I have a biggish screen, but never watch telly on it (I listen to news on the radio - it's less disturbing, and also less visually biased, I think).
    But I do watch lots of movies and TV series on it - no adverts, and it's at my leisure. My video player died about a year ago, so I'm slowly getting the digital versions on a hard drive, and giving away the vids.
    My BF loves listening to old records on his (2 year-old) brand-new player, which also has the capacity to record them onto DVDs. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to work out how to do it yet!