divendres, 20 d’abril de 2012

Nellie The Elephant - Toy Dolls #BloodyElephants

Recordo botar com un boig amb aquesta cançó a l'institut l'any '84 (clar, era un alumne avançat, que només tenia edat per estar a P5 ;) ) . Trobo que no hi havia per a tant - potser era l'euforia del moment .... i de punk, poca cosa en té!

Bé, i ara a descansar del bloc fins dilluns - Sant Jordi :)


Remember jumping around like a mad man in the sixth form common room, back in '84 (before you reach for your calculators, I was of course a few school years ahead of my age ;) ). Listening to it now, I think we must have been high on something - coca-cola and doughnuts, was the standard fare.

By the way, not sure I'd define it as punk rock but if YouTube says so ...

Anyway, and now for a blog-less weekend, see you alls Monday for Book and Rose day!

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  1. think they were a good few years behind the REAL punk band waggon but putting it in the context of what else was in the charts at the time it made it seem like mainstream punk I guess.... and YES it did make people go a bit bananas.... can imagine it would still do a bit of damage at an odd wedding reception or two hahahahahahah I'll be imagining that all day now!!

  2. This is a hilarious version! We sing this to the pre-schoolers.

  3. Funny you should say that, ArcticFox, we actually went to a wedding reception on Saturday (can you imagine, organising a wedding the day of a Barça/Madrid footy match!), but there was no Nellie :(
    On the other hand, there was an "open bar", the greatest invention in Catalonia - i.e. you can drink all you want all night for NOTHING!! - and plenty of sound music, so a good time was had by all, I think!
    Katherine, I think your pre-schoolers are probably more mature than 17-year-old English sixth-formers!! Some seriously childish antics went on to this soundtrack!