dimecres, 27 de juny de 2012

High School Confidential #Inutil

Avui estrenem una nova serie d'apunts anomenada "L'objecte més inutil que he comprat mai". Primer lloc va per això de la foto. Comprada a la primavera del 1997, crec que m'he posat damunt 1 cop en tot aquest temps. A banda de no tenir temps mai de gitar-me de dia, seria de bojos gitar-me al sol, i si m'he de descansar de veritat fent una migdiada a la sombra, pos, que tal un llit de veritat?!
En fi, tampoc l'ha usat mai ningu de la casa, i ara només serveix per deixar tovalloles o roba damunt mentre ens mullen a la basseta.
La musica, totalment no-relacionada amb aquest escrit, és del Gran Jerry Lee Lewis!
Starting a new series of posts today, entitled "The most useless object I ever wasted my hard-earned dough on". Presently sitting at number one in the list is this little beauty you can see in the photo. Bought in the spring of 1997, I have only ever laid down on it once, for 10 minutes. I mean, get a life! Who has time to lie down outside in the daytime anyway? Not me. Nor would I want to lie in the sun. And if I do have the odd well-deserved post-lunch nap, in the shade, well, what's wrong with a good old-fashioned bed?!
Anyway, in 15 years no one has used it and it now sits there, cracked and faded by the sun, a sorry sight which only serves for us to dump towels and clothes on while we jump in our  4 x 4 metre irrigation pool for a cooling dip.
Song, nothing to do with all this, by the great Jerry Lee Lewis!

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  1. I've bought so many useless things in my time..... some that broke before I even got them home (a la dynamo keyring torch) and others that have been completely erroneous (an incorrectly ordered laptop keyboard) - I'd find it hard to pick a worst one..... perhaps a tenner for a Star Trek keyring from a shopping channel might have been slightly impetuous?

  2. What about a 15€ CD of pop music songs "inspired" by the Disney experience, bought unlistened , whilst carried away by the EuroDisney euphoria!!
    Listened to one song and a half, and now left to gather dust. The cover's pretty cool, though!