dimarts, 19 de juny de 2012

Wouldn't it be nice .... #England

OK, aixi que tornem a estar al mig del futbol. Que podem dir? Fa dos anys ja vaig invertir prou temps parlant d'Anglaterra i les seves probablitats de guanyar el Mundial, unes prediccions que van quedar en un no res. Si feu clik aqui, també vereu tot un seguit de grans cançons relacionades amb el futbol anglès. Aquest any ho agafarem en més calma, i deixarem l'euforia per si passem del grup avui ...
una mostra de la euforia controlada, és la bandera que vam comprar de rebaixes un cop eliminat del Mundial, per 10 peniques (12 centims).
La cançó, avui provarem algun truc diferent, a vore si aquest link funciona, serà Wouldn't it be nice, orginal dels Beach Boys, però aqui cantada per Saint Etienne.
Wow, just as one football competition finishes, so another one starts. I've been a bit slow of the blocks to comment on the Euro Championships, though, given all the (undeserved) praise and blog-space I gave England at the last World Cup. Click here for embarrassing predictions and football-related songs.
This year, we'll take a more subdued outlook on it - at least till we get past the group stage tonight.
This restrained excitement is embodied by our flag, bought in an Asda sale for 10 pence after England got knocked out of the last World Cup.
Today's song? Forgetting YouTube for a day, we're gonna try this idea and see if this link works. If it does, you'll soon be enjoying Saint Etienne's take on Wouldn't it be nice....

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  1. Tnannu, Tannu, Tannu! Només et cal adaptar la mida del rectangle de la cançó. Editant amb html veuràs uns numerets que has de canviar, i reduir proporcionalment!
    Bona versió!

  2. Thank you! Si, en tinc més, totes versions molt bones de les cançons dels Beach Boys, ja posaré alguna altra.
    Ara miraré el que dius de canviar la mida .....

  3. You can always rely on England to come up with some sort of "tap in" or win by a disallowed goal!!

    PS - In the post-match interview and goal celebration, Rooney actually managed to promote hair product.... unbelievable!

    Just for John Barnes' rapping prowess, my football song of choice is still World in Motion.

  4. He fet la ratio amb un regle davant la pantalla!!

  5. Mr Fox, you're right! As we all know (and boring Italy), football is about winning and England are doing just that!! Let's go boys!! Can't wait for tomorrow's match - hangover-permitting (see today's post)!!
    Yep, World in Motion is ace, but have you heard World Cup Willie from back in '66 (before my time, just, but found on Youtube and duly posted here some time back - just clikc on football in key words) ?