dissabte, 30 de juny de 2012

New Song - Howard Jones

Quan vaig començar el bloc fa 3 anys, escrivia tot sempre en un document Word, per poder revisar el llenguatge i continguts. I per poder tenir el text guardat.
Ultimament escric tot sobre la marxa i ho penjo sense miraments, mals vicis! I si l'ordenador et fa una mala passada ... pos, acabeu de perdre un text molt interessant sobre Howard Jones que no penso tornar a teclejar avui!
Sempre queda la musica ....
When first starting out with this blog, 3 years back, everything was carefully written out first in a separate Word document so as to be able to check on errors and content, and to have a back-up copy saved. Of course, over time, always rushing, bad habits creep in , and recently I write and post directly without a look back on some of the waffle I'm churning out. Thanks to the whim of the computer, then, you have just lost the chance of reading a fascinating post on Howard Jones which I've spent some time on only to see it fade away....
there'll always be the music though!.

3 comentaris:

  1. Quin ensurt!!!! per un moment havia pensat que Howard Jones "tornava". Bé, mai ha estat flor de la meva passió.

    Referent al tema de perdre escrits, jo ho feia al reves. Abans treballava sobre l'editor de text del Blog. Ara treballo fora, i desprès ho passo al blog, precisament per coses com les que t'ha passat a tu.


  2. I used to blog on MSN Spaces - and they were notorious for letting you get to the point where you click the "publish" button and then you just lose the lot!! I switched to blogger and don't have any problems now - perhaps you don't have the autosave function turned on.... mostly when my browser crashes or similar - my work's all been saved for me - which is only annoying if I overwrote something and wanted to go back to before I overtyped it.

  3. NTNE; don't worry, en aquest any m'agradava, pero no li he tornat a escoltar en 25 anys! Pero, em sembla que si, que torna a cantar ....!
    I si, estava escrivint un "que li ha passat a ...", pero vaig perdre tot l'apunt, i ja no tinc ganes. Demà un altre classic dels 80 ....

    ARCTICFOX; You may well be right, I didn't even know there was an autosave thingy, I'll look into it. But my computer skills are about as good as my car mechanics - I'm one of those who just drives, but DO NOT EVER open the bonnet, there's magic going on in there .... and computing, I do the same :)