diumenge, 13 d’octubre de 2013

Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf

Aquest mes marca la 36e anniversari d'un dels LPs més importants, més impactants i, simplement, millors de l'historia de la música - Bat Out Of Hell, del Meatloaf (i Jim Steinman i un "amazing" grup de musics, cantants, productors). Es podria escriure un llibre sobre aquest LP, la seva música, la seva historia, i el seu exit - i segurament que algú ja ho ha escrit. De moment, però us podeu fer l'idea mirant l'entrada al wikipedia i escoltant el LP. Aquí us ajunto el Youtube però si algun dia us he dit que la musica no s'ha de gaudir sortint de les llaunes que passen per altaveus a l'ordenador, avuí és aquell dia. Compreu el LP, si potser en vinil, i poseu-ho en un tocadiscs de veritat, i uns altaveus de veritat i preparar-vos per gaudir de 45 minuts de gloria!
So, this month sees the 36th anniversary  of Bat Out Of Hell - one of the greatest, most groundbreaking, amazing, successful LPs ever. Meatloaf (together with Jim Steinman and a host of amazing musicians, singers and producers) came together to make magic when they recorded this album. Not a dull moment on it. They could probably write a book about this record, its history, music and success - and someone probably already has. For now, though, you'll just have to make do with Wikipedia. 
I'm including the Youtube of the full album but, please, listen to me (for once): if there was ever a day when I said all this listening to music via tinpot speakers on your computer ain't no good, this is that day! Do yourselves a favour - buy the bloody album, if possible on vinyl. Bang it on a proper turntable and play it through some decent speakers, and be prepared for 45 minutes of heaven (or hell). 

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  1. I am imagining that this was a key album for you when you were growing up amidst the slagheaps and croissant mountains of Greater Barnsley. Did Billy Casper come round with his kestrel to listen to it with you?...I must say you have eclectic musical tastes Brian but when you dance the fandango it's ...very, very frightening... Mama mia!

  2. Nail on t'ead time - eclectic is just the perfect definition of my tastes :) In fact, I still remember when I first saw, and learnt, this word. We don't go in for all these fancy French-sounding words or breakfast pastries in Barnsley. No, I saw it in a music review in the 90s, looked it up, and thought "wow, that's my music collection in a nutshell - these bloody Latins have a word for it".
    Seriously, I like to think that my tastes more or less cover 95% of 20th (and 21st) century music - but don't run as far as classical stuff, of course!
    Barry Hines did teach at my seconday school for a while, apparently, though way before my time. But legend has it that the PE teacher in the book is based on the PE teacher my dad had to suffer.
    I think you've inspired me to watch the film again today, filling in those dull convalesence afternoons (BTW, the healh issue: I apparently "got" a thrombosis in my leg this summer, but am now receiving treatment and in the capable hands of the experts. However, they say I should be in no rush to get back to work)
    Back to films; last week I watched the Red Riding trilogy - have you seen them? Three devastatingly depressing and cruel fictional films about corruption, kidnappings, child-abuse etc in the 70s and 80s in Yorkshire - with the odd bit of true background thrown in (eg, the Ripper). If you can stomach them, I'd be interested in your opinion. I know they are fictional, but watching them, and based on other news items, and the Hillsborough disaster, I'm starting to get the idea that (Yorkshire) police were a hot bed of incompetence and/or corruption back then.

    1. Brian - No I haven't seen the Red Riding trilogy. I don't watch a lot of TV and have never used our DVD player but I heard about this particular drama and would like to see it some time. Sounds like my cup of tea but vI wouldn't know HOW to see it. Is it on BoobTube? Thrombosis eh? I thought that was one of those big instruments they play in brass bands - oompah-oompah! Get well soon so that you can get back to work! You know you love it!

  3. If you can get someone to show you how to use a DVD player, the trilogy is only 11 quid on Amazon.

    can't find it on Youtube but I'll keep looking .... it is tough, gritty and heart-renching at times, but I think you'd enjoy it. And with you being "slightly" older than one's truly, maybe you have an idea on whether the police corruption it goes into was rife (what with the Hillsborough cover-up, Ripper botched investigation, and so on, I can see how it could have been).
    Yeah, can't wait to get back to teaching ...thanks!