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It Might Get Loud #JimmyPage #TheEdge #JackWhite

El tercer documental que he mirat aquesta setmana, ja ho vaig veure fa 2 anys per primer cop. It Might Get Loud, nos explica l'historia de tres dels guitarristes de rock més bons del món, Jimmy Page, The Edge, i Jack White. D'on van sortir, com van aprendre, quins estils toquen - i un monton d'anecdotes interessants per qualsevol fan de la musica rock - fan que la pel·licula se'ns fa curt! També els tres es troben junts per a xerrar i tocar junts. Si sents curiositat per la musica rock dels ultims 50 anys, aquest documental també és un "must-see"!
Ja vaig penjar algunes peces de la pel·licula fa 2 anys, per aixo avui, posarem una cançó de cada u dels protagonistes:
The third music-based documentary I'm going to praise is It Might Get Loud. The history and life of three of the great rock guitarists, albeit each one from a diferent time period. Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. Their lives, upbringing, first steps on the road to fame, and musical fulfillment - their different concepts and playing techniques - loads of amusing and interesting anecdotes ... it all adds up to a "must see" for anyone interested in the last 50 years of rock music. The three stars also meet up to chat together and play a couple of tunes.
I posted these a couple of years back when I first saw this film, so today what I'll do is post different songs they are each well-known for (gulp, losing control of my English here!)

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  1. "Gulp, losing control of my English here!"... That's what happens when you try to write after guzzling a bucketful of sangria! I put all three YouTube clips on together and it sounded as if I was on an LSD trip. Of the three Jimmy Page gets my vote.

  2. Sangria, yeah :)
    With or without sangria or LSD, I sometimes know just what I want to say in Catalan and then make the mistake of trying to say the same in English, and lose the plot. Or visa versa. Same thing probably happens to you !
    I've also got into the daring habit of writing and posting with no re-reads or checks - Carpe Diem as they told me in the Boy Scouts!

  3. .... by the way, I suppose there's no connection between your choice and your age group?