dimarts, 8 d’octubre de 2013

I feel the earth move - Carole King #Earthquakes #Castor

Potser ja heu sentit parlar - o potser ja els heu sentit en persona ... resulta que fa dies que tenim petits terratrèmols aquí a les Terres de l'Ebre. Diuen les males persones que estan relacionats amb el projecte Castor, un magatzem que fan baix la mar per guardar gas. Bé, com diuen els jefes de l'empresa, no hi ha res comprovat del tot ... només les casualitats que han començat els tremols ara i tots comencen en els voltants del Castor i ja els havien avisat abans del que podria passar.
En fi, passi lo que passi amb aquest projecte ara, només hi ha una cosa segur - que els empresaris mai perden. Si han de tancar i marxar, pagarà l'Estat - en paraules clares, tu i jo.
Exciting times down in southern Catalonia. We've been experiencing hundreds of minor earthquakes, recently reaching up to 4.2 on the Richter scale. By an amazing coincidence, the epicentre for these quakes is an off-shore gas storeage project (click for news in Eng.) about which everyone said - Don't do that, you're likely to set off an earthquake! The infamous Castor Project.
No serious damage yet, just lots of rocking beds (as the actress said to the bishop), and a burst water main in a nearby town. We're crossing our fingers, and other body parts, though, as we have three nuclear power plants within 60 km. Yeah, live life to the full!
The govt authorities have told the company to stop work while they work out what to do next (remember the Dutch kid who had to stick his thumb in the dam ...?). But, whatever happens, there's one thing clear - business men never lose. If the company has to pack up and go and set up in some third world country, they'll be amply compensated apparently by our friendly government - which means the taxpayer.

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