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Perfect - Lightning Seeds

Dos dies després i la ressaca encara continua, una esclatada d’alegria que continua i continua des de fa temps – i que duri! La veritat és que aquest Barça està superant els somnis més impossibles que havíem tingut.
La cançó d’avui no té res a veure amb futbol, simplement la he triat pel títol – Perfect! Dels Lightning Seeds, del LP Jollification, de l’any 1994.

Barcelona Football Club, el Barça, are special for many reasons – their rivalry with Real Madrid has always represented the political struggle between Catalonia and Spain. A struggle which continues today. And back in the darkest times of Franco’s dictatorship, the Barça stadium was one of the few places where Catalans were safe to express their feelings. As they say, it is something more than just a football club.

If that were not enough, their philosophy towards football is one of stylish elegant play, always looking to entertain and not just to win at all costs. They have made a huge effort to develop “home-grown” players, bringing young teenagers to Barcelona to live, continue their studies, and train together. The present team, for example, often has 7 or 8 players in the line-up who have come up through the ranks. Not for Barça the “players” more interested in advertising underwear or appearing in sensationalist news stories – as a rule, Barça players learn the club’s philosophy of humility and common sense. (Let’s not get carried away, of course they earn millions and drive fast cars just like any first class footballer, but in general there is a marked difference in attitude). To cap it all, while every other major team has sold their soul, well, shirt, to the highest bidding sponsor, Barça proudly bear the logo of Unicef on their shirts. An honour for which they donate money and time to Unicef, whereas other teams count the money their sponsors pour into their accounts.

Here endeth the lesson! Last year Barça won the Spanish League, Spanish King’s Cup, European Champions’ League, and World Club Championship – that’s to say, everything! In doing so they inflicted a very painful 2-6 home defeat on Real Madrid. Keeping our fingers crossed, they are on course for the League and European Champions’ once more (at least). And to round it all off, they have just beaten Madrid 0-2 at home!

The only song title to define this is Perfect. From the Lightning Seeds’ 1994 album Jollification.

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