divendres, 23 de juliol de 2010

Tog é go Bog é - Kila.

El cap de setmana de l'any amb més vida i emocions (i gent) pels carrers de Tortosa. Si no heu visitat mai la Festa del Renaixement, pos, val la pena. Aquí un petit anunci.
No conec gaire musica d'aquesta epoca, així que provarem amb Kila. Cantant, en irlandes, Tog é go Bog é de l'any 1997.

This weekend Tortosa celebrates its Renaissance Festival, 3 days of excitement and oldy-worldy activities fill the streets of the town. For those, like yours truly, who wouldn't know a Renaissance period from a Jurassic one, here's Mr Wikipedia's thoughts.
And here's a
short ad of the festival itself.

Not knowing any 500 year-old music, I'll go for Kila. Here they are with Tog é go Bog é from their 1997 LP of the same name.

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  1. Oh! I would love to see the goings-on at the festival! Is it on annually?

  2. Yes, every July. This year is the 15th year, it has grown dramatically while I've been here from a simple street market with music, to the whole town going 500 years back in time! Imagine a small town of 30,000 people being whisked 500 years back for 3 days - shops decorated, shop workers dressed up, street markets with arts and crafts, streets decorated, bales of straw and flags abound, local people voluntarily dressing up and spending 3 days in home-made period costumes... every where you turn in the old part of town (with a mixture of Jewish/Moorish/Christian culture - see Spanish/Catalan history!) there are street acts performing all day long, with more organized, paying, acts on show in suitable locations - castle walls, old palaces, cathedrals, convents ... plus plenty of open air bars with liberal consumption of renaissance-type food and beer!
    There is a centre which advises restaurants on what menus can be offered, and advises locals on costume design, so everything fits in.

    It's on all day, but probably due to the 30 degree July heat, the best time is late at night, around midnight, wandering the streets to find gargoyles come to life, street-theatre with flame throwers or Shakespearian style dances .... as I say, well worth a visit.
    I'll now go and see if the Tourist Office will pay me for the publicity, while leaving some more Youtube links here ...




  3. Aquest any, segurament, no hi anirem. Semprehe pensat que els qui van idear la festa la van encertar de totes, totes.
    Que xaleu força tortosines i tortosins!

  4. Ja veig, que el proper any, rivalitzarem entre la festa del renaixement de Tortosa, i la festa major de Blanes amb el seu concurs internacional de foc d'artifici.
    A Blanes segur que hi ha anat mes gent (je, je, je)
    Ara seriosament, interessant això d'una festa del renaixement.
    Salutacions des de Blanes.

  5. Si, és molt bonic, i com en totes les festes, potser el part més bonic és que tothom surt al carrer i veus i parles en la gent que durant el resto de l'any no veus amb l'estress del dia a dia.
    Festes a Blanes, mmm, ja ho pensarem ...