dijous, 27 de setembre de 2012

Catalans' amazing human towers in NY #castellers

And in Tarragona ...

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  1. Wow! That was amazing! I loved it for so many reasons, not least because it is all low-tech, human endeavor. So much is assisted these days. How many centuries have the 'towers' been made?

  2. Thanks! I agree with you, they are amazing! As a "sport" or "art-form", it's also so impressive how it's all about working together to create something, rather than defeating your opponent. Catalans like to believe it says something about their character (and compare it with Spanish national "sport" of bull fighting!).
    Depending on who you read, it's been around about 2-300 years, and seems to have started out as a "game" amongst groups of farm-workers. In their free time they'd do this to see how high they could go ...
    Seeing it live, is just spine-tingling. The first time I saw it, a single person tower (there are different styles), about 7 or 8 high, walking up the main square steps in Tarragona, I had to turn away - the emotions are just too much!!


    Check this one out ....

  3. Got carried away there - a single person tower, 7 or 8 would be impossible - probably about 5 would be possible!
    They make them about 8 or 9 high, but using techniques like the ones above, not single columns :)