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Videos and news #Catalonia Part two

Avui penjarem 4 noticies en anglès pels que no viuen aqui (o pels que només miren TVE!), per intentar explicar una mica que va passar el dimarts i els motius. I un parell de videos - ja sabeu, un imatgen val més ....
So what do one and a half million people look like? Here's a couple of videos trying to give an idea of  Tuesday's demonstration in Barcelona. But first, a few links to English news articles about the day.

Protest Rally in Catalonia Adds a Worry for Spain (NY Times)

Catalan independence rally brings Barcelona to a standstill (The Guardian)

Huge turnout for Catalan independence rally (BBC)

And some opinions "the day after" ...

Catalans are ready for independence – but are their leaders? (The Guardian)

Catalan Message (Financial Times)   (to read this article you have to register - it's free! If you can't be bothered, you can read the highlights here at Col·lectiu Emma)

Click here for fantastic Catalan TV (TV3) video with the Best Images of the demonstration.

And, finally, the following video also shows the demo, as well as interviews in English with Catalan businessmen. 

Footnote:one and a half million people are a hell of a lot of people (21% of the 7 million who live in Catalonia). Is it a realistic estimation of the participation? Birds-eye photos would seem to indicate so. Experts reckon on 3 or 4 people per square metre, meaning one million people would occupy a space 50m wide and 5km long. Given the length and width of many of the streets taken up, and the immense squares too, this is definitely possible. Statistics show that over 1000 coaches ferried people in from outside Barcelona - 50,000 people. If we assume another 50,000 went by train, and maybe the same quantity again by car, it's already adding up. And the people who came to Barcelona (spending a full day and probably near 100€ for a family of four) will always be a minority compared to the people of Barcelona (a couple of million) who just had to step out or get local transport. Finally, if the police say a million and a half, who are we to argue?!
Adding up interest in the independence we could add on probably another million or so who couldn't get to Barcelona. Returning home at midnight the day before the school term started put many off, as well as the cost in the times we live in, but judging by conversations and social network comments, the "virtual" support for independence is also massive.

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  1. De res! You're welcome!
    Sembla que anem per bon cami, però no podem despistar. S'ha de tenir els dos ulls oberts observant que fa el nostre president ...
    Looks like this time the process is serious, but we must not let up. The President has made some interesting declarations but we must keep up the pressure ...

    Si puc, encara tinc una tercera part que publicar sobre el tema!
    There's still a Part 3 in my head, to be posted if I can!

  2. Well done Brian! We need to explain abroad what we expect and what happens the past eleventh. What could be better than a resident English man view?

    Excuse my English.

  3. Thanks.
    We all have to do our bit! I firmly believe that the struggle for independence has to be won in Brussels, London, Berlin, Washington - and not Madrid.

  4. Mas has discovered now the State structures but in the past ERC worked with Catalan Offices at the most important cities. It wasn't an innocent decision. We have could explain our nation!