dimarts, 18 de setembre de 2012

Stop me if you've heard ...The Smiths #vacances

Fa dies (i setmanes!) que van acabar les vacances per un altre any. Com que no som molt originals, entre altres motius, aquest passat mes vam tornar a visitar Anglaterra, passant uns dies amb la família i uns dies a la costa a la mateixa zona que visitem cada any – North Yorkshire. Com ja vaig dir l’any passat, és una zona xula si t’agrada jugar a la platja o buscar fosiles o vida marina o passejar, però evidentment no cal pensar en prendre el sol ni banyar-se! Us podem recomanar visitar pobles com Staithes, poble de pirates allà on hi hagi, o Whitby, el poble de Dracula entre altres coses!
Fotos i una altra cançó NO conectada amb el tema.
OK, summer holidays over and done with but we still haven't blogged about them! Not being ones for original exotic adventures, we went on holiday in August to the UK, to visit family and to spend a few days on the North Yorkshire coast as usual. Staithes, Whitby, Scarborough ... a grand time fossil hunting, crab catching, walking, chip eating, rock pool observing. 
Some photos, and another song completely UNconnected to the post. 

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  1. I always feel a bit silly doing the same things you've been enjoying because they're almost (well relatively speaking) on our doorstep...... I love Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay...... did you manage to find the lovely pie and mash shop in Whitby (Humble Pie - it's a wartime themed pie cafe - really nice - tin plates and all that jazz).

  2. We're big fans of the Yorkshire coast! As a lad, my parents would usually take us to Scarborough/Whitby/Brid., or Skeggy (Lincolnshire?), rather than that money-making den of evil, Blackpool. As we grew up, and presumably the family economy got better, we ventured south to the Newquays and Torquays (i.e. saw the sun).
    I left the UK when I was 21, but have been going back (to Hoyland, Barnsley) every year; first alone, then with my partner (and now wife), and recently with our kids. I introduced my wife to the glories of Yorkshire "summer" holidays on day trips, but now with the kids we've been booking in for a week in a caravan or holiday cottage for the last 4 years.

    Whitby is great!! No, I haven't seen Humble Pie, but will definitely give it a go next year, thanks! The web page looks great. We usually get fish and chips - eating in (posh!!) at a restaurant whose name eludes me, on a tight bend overlooking the beach donkey rides and fairground. Followed up by sticks of rock while we do the 199 steps, and an ice cream at the top!

    We stayed in Staithes - it's great too, for peace and quiet and doing your own thing. And I just love the fact that there is NO mobile phone signal available .... but that's for another post ;)